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If you are here it means that you are wondering whether to send your book script to us. If so, let us give you a few arguments why you should use our services. You need to be aware that the world of books has changed at the turn of the last decade, we always follow the trends by offering you the most interesting solutions to make your book stand out. Of course, some things still remain the same, such as our motto, which reads:

“Find, engage, delight.” 
To get your work found in the maze of thousands of books found in bookstores, you need the right marketing to get your book noticed. Our wide distribution channel, partnerships, as well as online experts allow us to have a broad spectrum of distribution in the UK both in stationary bookstores and online. In addition, our partnership involves many promotions, author meetings, as well as interviews that will allow you to present your work in a number of ways.  
So what if your book made it to the bookstore if no one notices it. This is where our graphic designers come to the rescue, customizing the cover of your book for customers according to their tastes. It is amazing how powerful an impact the layout, colors or even the font have on the choice of a book. The visual message is a hugely important aspect that is often overlooked, but not with us. Trust us and we will make sure that your book is spotted. 
Well, presumably your book has been found, interest in it is high, but we must not forget about the content. And this is where our editors step in to help.They are the ones who give the words a real spirit, transporting the reader to the world of imagination, and so that right after reading your book readers can start looking for your next proposal, because we believe since you created this book you probably will not stop there, right? 
We hope that we have convinced you to entrust us with your story, so do not hesitate to send your book script, we will review it and do our best to make sure that your book is the one that proves to be a real bestseller.

We are waiting for your script to be sent to email ( with a note in the subject line – script to be reviewed) .  

See you in bookstores.

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