Secret gardens in Paris


In “Paris: Secret Gardens, Hidden Places, and Stories in the City of Light,” Mary McAuliffe offers a captivating journey through the layers of Paris, revealing its hidden gems amidst the well-trodden paths of iconic destinations.

McAuliffe’s exploration uncovers the small yet significant treasures tucked away, such as the unnoticed bas-relief on a corner of Notre-Dame or the serene courtyard hidden within a bustling hospital. She ventures beneath the surface, leading readers to ancient aqueducts and a forgotten river, urging them to discover overlooked marvels within even the busiest museums.

Central to McAuliffe’s narrative are the people and their stories. From enigmatic queens and visionary nobles to valiant knights and star-crossed lovers, alongside resilient resistance fighters and impassioned artists emerging from poverty to prominence, each character adds to the vibrant tapestry of Parisian life.



Interwoven tales connect one person, place, and era to another, forming a mosaic of Paris’s intricate past. Rather than a linear timeline, McAuliffe’s approach unveils the myriad layers that shape the essence of this extraordinary city across generations.


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