Secret places in Europe – an extremely rare publication. See places that are not on maps or in guidebooks. Special promotion! 

Secret places in Europe – an extremely rare publication. See places that are not on maps or in guidebooks. Special promotion! 

We are adding one E-book guide for free when you buy the book, as well as a unique podcast about the Edinburgh witches (unique and unpublished).

Join us on an unforgettable journey to some of the most secret places that are just now opening their gates to you, revealing what for years has remained beyond the reach of tourists. You are warmly invited to purchase the book, which took nearly five years to complete. We will gladly take you to the deep recesses of historic castles, old libraries or hidden workshops. We will reveal to you inaccessible corners of Europe’s greatest attractions, as well as places you won’t find on maps or in guidebooks. 80% of the places you will find in our book will see the light of day for the first time. Our unique offering is a true grail for travellers and beyond. This exceptionally rare publication will make an ideal gift or part of your own unique collection. 

Why is it worth buying our publication? If you are wondering whether our book is worth buying, let me write to you why our book is unique.  
1) Our book is a real ‘Secret’ How many times have you encountered the statement that books described as ‘secret’ are in fact places that are accessible, only less known? The places that will appear in our book are 80% places you may be hearing about for the first time.
2) Our book is not only about text. In our book you will find more than 500 photos, most of which are unique, so as you can see we not only have exceptional stories in our book proposal, but also high quality photos. 
3) Text, in other words, a memorable story. A tribute to those who see more in a text than just dry history and facts. These, yes, will be there, but subtly blended into a text that will take you centuries back in time, but even that is not all. Each place is a completely different, new adventure. Imagine walking through a local park, passing a small door to an inconspicuous-looking room. And what if we told you that this is where you discover the largest underground in Bologna. Come with us on a unique journey to places that supposedly don’t exist, even the locals don’t know about them, but they are out there somewhere and now you have a unique opportunity to discover them.  
4) For whom is our book proposal designed? Well, in a nutshell for everyone, although it is worth writing a little more on this point. Why? Because everyone will find something here for themselves. A person who likes to travel will have a unique opportunity to get to know places they wouldn’t normally know about. Those who like to read will find plenty of interesting stories. We also have quite a treat for those who like to look at interesting photos, so we have something to offer for this group of people as well, especially as there are nearly 500 unique photos in the book. We also recommend our book as a gift, as the wide variety of places we have added will reach different reading tastes, even the most demanding ones. Finally, we also encourage you to add our proposal to your own library, especially to the section (rare books), as this is what our publication belongs to. 
5) How did the book come about? Due to the uniqueness and difficult accessibility of the sites, the authors worked for nearly 5 years to create the book. In the course of producing the material for the book, they reached all these places personally, hopefully creating unique content. We are delighted that now you, dear reader, can experience this unique adventure with us, and we warmly invite you to do so. 
6) Something extra from us. For all those who purchase our book we will give you a free London pdf guide from “Off the beaten track”. In addition, we’re also adding a unique audiobook about the Edinburgh witches (unique and unpublished).
The free guide and ebooks are sent on the day of purchase.  
7) Where to find information about the book?
Direct link to buy the book: 
We hope you will enjoy our book. If you have any questions, please feel free to communicate by email:

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